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“I feel soooo comfortable with you both, and I think Dan does, too. You’re “real” and open, and vulnerable, and I think you can help us in so many ways. I know you’re not counselors, and trust me, we’ve been there a lot, and it hasn’t helped!! You both helped us more in 2 hours than multiple counselors have helped us in years.”
Dan & Sue
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We participated in the Couple Communication™ Program run and coached by Thomas and Trisha Walker through their ministry. The setting was very cordial and we had an amazing time with others and bonded with them so well even though we were meeting some of the participants for the first time.

The program has helped us to improve on our communication and has encouraged spending more time together and helped to have more spark in our day-to-day conversation.

We learned the importance of communicating to each other our concerns and how to avoid conflicts by listening to each other’s issues effectively
Femi & Mina
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“Thomas and Trisha helped my husband and me work through an issue that we felt like was just going in a never-ending circle. The skills we learned helped us connect and understand each other to effectively move forward and come to a collaborative agreement.”

Derek & Cynthia
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"Me and Greg took this Collaborative Marriage Skills online with Thomäs and Trisha Walker. We thought we were already doing well in our marriage, but attending this online marriage class helps us communicate more effectively with each other.

Their experiences and knowledge taught us to communicate respectfully and effectively with each other.

The Awareness wheel Map and the Listening Cycle Map are really effective to establish good communication skills not just for married couples, but also for other people as well.

Through good communication, we learned to understand people on how to treat them with gentleness and respectfulness. Effective Communication can help people to have peace and unity in achieving one’s goal. Through this lesson, we learned that communication involves listening and speaking. We cannot always talk all the time without considering each other thoughts and feelings. We learned also on how to deliver words properly through better means of communication."
Greg & Raquel
As newlyweds, we expected our first years of marriage to be wild, adventurous, full of intimacy and passion.  Little did we know, we would face unexpected health issues, financial hardship, and the battle of realizing we were completely opposite and hadn’t learned how to communicate through those differences. 
We learned quickly how to lean into the Lord for strength in the unknown and scary moments of budget nights, but we still needed some tools on how to heal our communication. 

Enter Thomas and Trisha. 

This powerful couple saw past our forced smiles that everything was fine and they invited us to join their Marriage Communication Course with a few other couples. We gathered around delicious food and these strange mats on the floor. Thomas and Trisha began to break down the many tools and examples to enhance marriage by more than just communicating, but by listening, understanding, and having empathy for what one another was saying. This course is for couples young or more mature. The tools are priceless and the experience is worth it! We highly encourage any married couple or even soon-to-be-married couple to partner with Thomas and Trisha to see a transformed way of relationship. They are making hearts whole, families unified, and individuals were truly seen.

Corey & Sarah
Want to See results in your marriage, too?
Teaching couples proven strategies to connect deeply and achieve God's design for an amazing marriage is what we do!
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