spirit soul and body health that transforms family

Spirit, Soul and Body Health that Transforms Family

In this insightful episode on Seeds For Your Marriage podcast, Trisha and Thomas sit down with Sam and Norma Bart-Williams, two experts in the field of health and wellness. The conversation delves into various aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, emphasizing the importance of seeking the Lord's guidance in all areas of life, including relationships and work.
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Sam and Norma Bart-Williams
Sam and Norma Bart-Williams
Sam and Norma Bart-Williams bring a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the discussion. They share their own health journeys and the transformative power of God in bringing healing to their lives. With 31 years of marriage under their belt, they offer valuable insights into the role of love, forgiveness, and understanding in building strong, healthy relationships.
Throughout the episode, Sam and Norma stress the significance of addressing the root causes of health issues rather than merely treating symptoms. They discuss the impact of factors such as food, stress, and toxins on overall well-being and encourage listeners to take charge of their own health. The guests also highlight the importance of prayer and seeking God's guidance in the pursuit of wholeness. They remind the audience that God desires to bring transformation and healing to every situation, urging them to seek the kingdom of God and gain understanding in all aspects of life.
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Sam Bart-Williams: 0:00
We're here to bring solutions to problems on the earth, and where is that God's call us? And if we have health problems, god has the answer, and it's knowing when to surrender to Him, which is always to find out what His solution is to the problem. Sometimes I think I know what the solution is and He'll tell me something completely different. You need somebody advocating for you and you need to advocate for yourself, and you need to know that there is a realm out there of solutions that most people aren't aware of.

Trisha Walker: 0:35
This is the Seeds For your Marriage podcast, where we interview married couples who have overcome difficulties in their marriage and share their testimony of how they did it. We want these tips and tools to inspire and help you thrive in your marriage.

Thomas Walker: 0:50
We are Trisha and Thomas Walker relationship coaches. We teach couples proven strategies to connect deeply and achieve God's design for an amazing marriage.

Trisha Walker: 1:01
Seeds For your Marriage.

Thomas Walker: 1:03
Oh, hello. This is Trisha and Thomas, and welcome to the Seeds For your Marriage podcast.

Trisha Walker: 1:07
Absolutely yeah. So we just want to welcome Sam and Norma Bart Williams, and why don't you guys just share a little bit about who you are and what you do, and we'll go into what we're going to cover on this podcast today.

Sam Bart-Williams: 1:24
So a little bit about me. Grew up in England and Africa, migrated over here when I was 20 years old, interested in a lot of different things sports, but really everything I do now is centered around the Lord, whether it's the relationship with my kids, with Norma, my work, everything I do I involve the Lord. There's nothing I try to leave him out of, and so he directs my life. Now we're playing pickleball together now, finally, it only took us over 30 years to find out what an activity would do together.

Thomas Walker: 1:59
Yeah, yeah.

Sam Bart-Williams: 2:00
Finally sharing.

Thomas Walker: 2:01
You don't have to move much in pickleball. No, exactly, it's beautiful.

Sam Bart-Williams: 2:04
It's amazing, but the way I played you wouldn't know it.

Thomas Walker: 2:09
I'm a little aggressive, are you pretty intense, okay.

Norma Bart-Williams: 2:11
Yeah, yeah, very intense.

Trisha Walker: 2:15
That's awesome. And, norma, you say you guys have been married 30 years.

Norma Bart-Williams: 2:18
Migrated or immigrated from another country, which was the British Virgin Islands, and at the age of 14, so I've been here ever since. It's different, it's something new and, like he said, yes, when we met, it was special, it was the one, and we found the Lord together, which was really nice, even though we both knew the Lord. We got closer to the Lord together, which was really nice.

Norma Bart-Williams: 2:46
And like he says everything we do, we seek the Lord. From the time I get up, I get in my car, that's my prayer room, prayer room on the go, and we seek the Lord.

Thomas Walker: 3:00
That's amazing. Well, we're so excited to spend this time with you both today, first and foremost because of your dedication to a life that just honors and glorifies Jesus and brings kingdom to earth, but also the impact that you have in many, many lives through both of your vocations, and, obviously, that you have a marriage and this is a marriage podcast, and you've been at it for 31 years, I think. Is that right? So that's amazing. So we just have so many places that I know this conversation is gonna go. Why don't we just take a minute, though? And, sam and Norma, if you would just talk a bit about your professions and what you do day to day?

Sam Bart-Williams: 3:44
Sure. So I leveraged my background in engineering and technology to help people get to the root cause of their health issues and help them reverse it. I'm not a medical doctor, so I don't prescribe medications, but I help people understand what's going on in their bodies and then I coach them through a process with recommendations of how to address those issues, giving them symptom relief short-term and then also giving them long-term solutions that they can maintain throughout the rest of their lives.

Norma Bart-Williams: 4:16
So May. I worked for a nonprofit agency. I've worked for them for 22 years, just celebrated 22, and we work with social services in Alameda County and we work with families, families who are in need of childcare services. But we do more than that. We provide resources that strengthen the family and we are now starting to do mental health, which I think is very important based on the conditions of society today, and we just wanna make sure that we are doing what I would think that God has put us there to do, that I feel cause. When I first was looking for this job, I asked God where does he see me? And he led me there. In fact, I ended up a day early. There I was, and it was like I said, yes, this is good. And so it's been quite a journey and quite an experience and I'm really glad that I found that position and I thank God every day that I meet the people that I do, and there is such a need, such a need that sometimes it's just overwhelming.

Trisha Walker: 5:29
It's just overwhelming sometimes. Well, we're just really excited to have you both here. I know the big topic that we are covering today is on just our body health, our soul health, our spirit of health, and how all of those three things combine and interrelate and really can affect even our relationships, our families, and yeah, so let's just dive right in.

Thomas Walker: 5:55
Let's dive so root cause versus symptoms and Without going too deep into the state of medicine in this country, just a high-level perspective and what you see and Maybe just a starting point of like what you do on a day-to-day basis and you know how you're helping people get from that short term to the long term, sustainable solutions, and sure I don't know if there's a question in there, but yeah, I think yeah, for you to just start talking, sam.

Sam Bart-Williams: 6:25
All right, as, no knows, I don't have a problem talking, but when it comes to the state of things, as you said before, typically the address, the symptoms is the address, the fruit, and not the root. If you want to change the fruit, you've got to change the root, and in order to change the root, you've got to know what the root causes are. And so it's about getting an understanding of how our body works. That is, the Lord showed me that our body is a system of interconnected systems, and since I used to build systems, software systems and hardware network systems, that made sense to me, because when I used to troubleshoot, instead of covering up, I mean, if you saw the root issue, you solve many issues at the same time. That's the key there, instead of, in fact, one time, this Lord give me this image of whack-a-mole. That's basically what you're doing when you you're hitting and something else is coming up, and so, just under, get trying to get an understanding of how the body, the principles of the body, work, that things are interconnected. In Conventional men's if, for example, things are typically siloed, so you have the cardiologist, you have the endocrinologist, and Many times one system is affecting the other, and so you really need somebody with an overall understanding of how these Different systems interconnect and affect each other so that you can see what's possibly the under underlying cause to what's causing the symptoms, and somebody so.

Sam Bart-Williams: 7:48
So initially, when I said there's several parts of what I do, one is testing. We like to say test, don't guess. So I usually recommend testing. And then I definitely recommend that people work with their physicians and primary care physicians. But you want to be the person that's in charge of managing your own health. It's kind of like your finances. You want to be. You may have a financial advisor, but you want to know how Finances work, just so just as much part of what I do is education.

Sam Bart-Williams: 8:20
I teach people to learn to understand how their body works, and not only their body, but how that interrelates with their mind, how they're thinking, and then you know many times spiritual as well. Most of the people I tend to minister to in health, they actually tend to be Christians, some sometimes not. I've led, like a couple of them, to the Lord that were Christians. But this way you get to address all three of those areas wherever the Lord is leading you to, to get to the rid of the problem. You can if you know all there are any boundaries. So, from a day-to-day basis, there's a lot of education, discuss testing, we look at the evolving, involving evolving symptoms, how progressions happening, and we adjust and we plan, along with food, what, what foods are likely best for them based on what's going on, and then possible recommendations in terms of supplementation as well, where we see there's a insufficiency not necessarily a deficiency, but sometimes there's insufficiencies that Convention medicine misses, mm-hmm.

Trisha Walker: 9:24
Yeah, this is just really interesting to me. I know I'm thinking about Actually a personal Situation that I was going through. We actually it was both affecting us really was after my youngest daughter was born and we were living in Seattle and you know, in Seattle you don't get a lot of sun, so I was not getting the vitamin D I needed. Plus I was breastfeeding, plus I had three other children in the home and we were in a high stress situation with his parents bowling alley that we were part owners of and I think all of those things combined. I, almost a year after she was born, I kind of lost it and I realized I I took a couple weeks because the business was actually across the country. We were living in Seattle and his parents business was in Atlanta and they needed a temporary manager while you're in the process of trying to find a new one and they were, their age was getting up there and they couldn't really do everything themselves. So I went out there for a few months and left my children in Seattle and I can't believe I did that, but I did and Through that process I was on this journey with the Lord of what is going on with me, like I am feeling so depressed, I don't know why, what is going on with me and he started showing me.

Trisha Walker: 10:36
He started speaking to me about the different areas like my hormones were just all over the place, right From nursing, from not getting enough sun, from all of these different things from stress, and he started showing me the different things that I needed to do, supplement wise, to really help, I guess, reset my body. And it was a journey, but it helped and yeah, I think that something that you know, sam.

Thomas Walker: 11:00
We talked about the ability, like you gave the story when you were a kid about the cartilage in your knee and Didn't have much or any, and the Lord spoke to you about that and then you started doing the things he told you to do and Now your knees are fine, and so I just there's something that I'm sensing in the spirit, which is about not claiming the things that are spoken over us and Really going to God, like you just talked about, and what does he say about the situation? So maybe give some examples, or or just your, your your Experience in that, when people come to you and it might start off with I have this and I have that and I have this, and it's like what do you want to keep it or do you want to claim that right? Like there's diagnosis and then there's the reality, there's like truth and, and so forth.

Sam Bart-Williams: 11:50
You know, first thing I gotta say is that the Lord revealed to me that there is nothing, there's no problem, there's not a solution for, and once you realize that it's, it's learning what the strategy is that he's gonna give you. I mean, I've there's never, ever been a hopeless case that I've come across. A lot of people come to me, have been desperate, and that's usually when you're just sick and tired. You just too much pain, relationships aren't what you want them to be, and then you know, out of desperation, they find me somehow, but there's no situation that I haven't asked Lord for a solution, even for myself or for somebody else. They hasn't revealed things to me about a person individually, what they need, and and that's what Lord says, first and foremost, people need to have hope. Where they think there's been hopelessness, that there's hope for every single situation.

Sam Bart-Williams: 12:41
I haven't come across any kind of disorder or disease that the Lord hasn't given a solution for. I mean, it's just amazing, but it's true, and this, actually, I had to learn this in technology, because Lord did this for me in technology. First, he would give me inventions. He'd give me things that would Confound the people who invented the technology sometimes, and sometimes he'd give me inventions for think-through, for things that had they needed to exist but hadn't come into existence. So we're here to release the kingdom of God on earth. We're here to bring solutions to problems on the earth, and where is that? God's called us? And if we have health problems, god has the answer, and it's knowing when to surrender to him, which is always To find out what his solution is to the problem. Sometimes I think I know what the solution is. He'll tell me something completely different. I'd like, as I mentioned mentioning earlier one of the solutions I had was I suffered from chronic migraines.

Sam Bart-Williams: 13:45
I'd have three attacks a day and I'd be curled up for yeah, migraines are no joke sometimes for three days I'd be curled up like in a ball and I'd have attack after attack and Then early on, lord said, oh, you need more magnesium. I'm like, oh, so I got more magnesium and I felt a lot better. And then, years later, I didn't feel that great again and he said I said, lord, I feel like I want to die. Just take me home. I don't know what to do myself. I said, oh, you said Lord, just heal me. Said you need more magnesium.

Sam Bart-Williams: 14:17
I said really because at the time I was using a topical version of magnesium magnesium. Typically at that time, years ago, you would absorb maybe at the best, at best, 10% of what you were taking. So I was doing using a topical version which was much more absorbable. But what I didn't know at the time, there was a limit to how much I could take of that topical because it I found out later on it that actually had a mercury in it, so I was getting sick when I increased the amount. So the fact that Lord said I needed more magnesium like no, it looked like it was limited, I was just using the wrong form. So I found out more, I got a better form of magnesium and I just needed more magnesium and I thought the problem was something else.

Sam Bart-Williams: 14:57
Again, lord, I thought Lord needed to touch me it. But I needed the magnesium for my, my grains, but I needed it for cellular health. I needed it to maintain and lose weight, I needed it for energy, I needed it for my muscles to relax, I needed it for better bowel movements, I needed it better for my cognitive health all those things the Lord knew and I wanted to do something else. Like so many times, we want to shortcut what God does Because we think we know what the answer is, and he's saying you know, I want to get to the root of it. Mm-hmm, that's good.

Trisha Walker: 15:28
That's really good. Yeah, yeah, I remember you said, sam, that you were at one point in and out of the hospital and you're I don't know.

Sam Bart-Williams: 15:34
You said it was your 20s, maybe all through my life, you know, especially growing up in Africa sometime but I was in and out of the hospital all the time headaches, stomach aches, malaria, I mean I had all sorts of health issues. I was very sickly kid and the only thing that was, you know, genetically I wasn't. I don't think I had all the advantages. The only advantage I think I had was just athletically. But I was sick most of the time and so I didn't realize that I could be anything else. It was only until I I was suffering from things, that I Were new, that I said, okay, I've got to do something else. So so, when you know again I'd mentioned I was bone-on bone in my knee and a lot of me.

Sam Bart-Williams: 16:15
What took eat Over three years and I grew new college in my knee. He showed me what to do to eliminate my migraines. I had chronic allergies for years, debilitating. I didn't even know what an algae was till I came to the US. We don't have allergies, I mean we. I didn't know what it was. So I knew something related to food. It was the food. So I changed my diet, so everything I had had before and worse, I had new problems that I didn't have before. So, one by one, the Lord show me what to do, and I couldn't imagine where I am right now based on my history. That's the thing I want people to know. Your history is no indication of where, what your potential is. That's good.

Thomas Walker: 16:55
Yeah, I was just thinking about that, sam, because you there may be someone listening and great testimonies of how you've been healed and also many people that you've worked with that have also gotten their healing also, and some people might be listening saying, yeah, but you don't know my situation right, and the doubt might be there still, which is but does God really want to do it for me?

Sam Bart-Williams: 17:19
Well, the answer is yes, God definitely wants to do it. He definitely is no respecter of persons, and I've seen it over and over again. So what brought me into this? What dragged me quote unquote from technology into the health space? Because I kind of went a little bit kicking and screaming because it was. It was not familiar to me, but I'd been learning about this because of my own personal journey, and when people literally who hadn't seen me in 10, 15 years saw me, they were like what on earth happened to you? And whatever it is, I want your help.

Sam Bart-Williams: 17:49
I literally saw the physical transformation, whether it was weight loss, whether it was my skin, you know, whatever it was, they saw something aglow. I literally had somebody at a target target a couple of months ago. Stop me and say excuse me, sir, what are you doing for your skin? You know so I'm, you know I'm 57 years old, so they. But despite that, apparently whatever I'm doing was having an impact and so, whatever it was, as a physical manifestation of what God's doing in me, and they stopped me and they wanted my help. And so, no matter who you are, no matter what your history is, god wants to do this for you, and there is. There is no problem with God can solve. It's just a matter of submitting and surrendering to him and he will reveal his plan, how he wants to do it, who he wants to do it, through what wisdom he wants to give you insights that you haven't had before. But I haven't seen a single person that's come to me for help with anything that God hasn't revealed the solution for. I mean, I am talking about things that conventional medicine says are impossible. I remember somebody who had dive, was it dive reticulitis, and dive reticulitis I mean diseases that said you basically you're going to have this for the rest of your life. They told me I was going to have migraines for the rest of my life. They told me. They told me lots of things that I was going to have the rest of my life, and that's not true, I mean.

Sam Bart-Williams: 19:06
So even on the topic of hormones, I can think of somebody who they came to me this was a let's call him Joe came to me and he was having erectile dysfunction. Now, when I heard erectile dysfunction, immediately I think cardiovascular risk, and so you know, I talked to him, looked at his paperwork, looked at his look at some of his labs and it was like, okay, this is actually pretty serious going through and giving him what he needed. Several things happened. First of all, he lost about 20 to 25 pounds as just as a byproduct of getting better cellular health he didn't ask for that, but that's just a byproduct. And then the we got to the root of the ed problem and the ed problem was was gone in a few months. And now we're continuing to work on the root cause, the cause, the ed. But this has changed now his relationship with his wife Completely. Now they can be intimacy, that can be intimacy on a level that they didn't have in a long time, and so he was a he. So he saw a symptom of the problem, but there was a much deeper problem. Yeah, okay.

Sam Bart-Williams: 20:13
And then I can think of another example, of another, another person who was having problems with intimacy with their husband, and this is this woman had, you know, couldn't have intercost, was painful, she had vaginal dryness. So when we looked into that and we looked into hormones, we found out that she was low in estrogen and that was affecting her in several areas of her body. So it's like, okay. So as we started addressing what the root closer to the root cause. The closer you get to the root cause, the more symptoms you relieve and you reverse, basically, yeah, so so that's what we're trying to go deeper and deeper until we get to the very end. And so we did some natural things so that she would help increase her estrogen and in a matter of months Now she's having painless intercourse with her husband, and they would she hasn't been able to have in years. Okay, yeah, at the same time, she was having problems with sleep.

Sam Bart-Williams: 21:15
I've had people who you know, if you're not sleeping well, you don't have much energy to do anything, your mood isn't that great, you, you're not necessarily great to be around in general, yeah, and so one of the things I focused on early on, even if they didn't come to me to sleep, I check, I assess your sleep, because if you can't sleep, you can't restore, you can't restock hormones in your transmitters. So I look at your sleep and so this particular person had some, you're having problems with this sleep and therefore a whole bunch of other things, and then you start looking at okay, well, what are you insufficient in what? What's missing, what? What are your other symptoms? All those, what tests that you likely need to confirm suspicions? Right, because usually a collection, a collection of symptoms is a pattern.

Sam Bart-Williams: 21:59
It's it's pointing somewhere, it's a story. Yeah, you got to find out what is the story here. And once you find out the story, you want confirmation, which is where the testing comes in. Okay, this is what I suspect. Then you start recommending testing in line with that and you start eliminating the guesswork. It's like, okay, this is it. So now you can truly address the problem by knowing, by getting that confirmation from all the symptom and the testing the right testing, by the way, makes a difference. So so, yeah, that. So these are just like a couple of cases where how this can change your intimacy and your mood. Again, you're talking about soul, you're talking about body fear and pain. You, you don't want to have sex, you're not in the mood, you don't feel like being around people or having sex. So, yeah, that's, that's basically what I deal with like all the time.

Trisha Walker: 22:44
Yeah, absolutely yeah. So, norma, I'm interested. When Sam was in another hospital I mean you were when this was going on, you were married right and to see the transformation in him, like how did that impact you? How did that impact, you know, your children? Just interesting to see your side of the story of his transformation.

Norma Bart-Williams: 23:07
It was great because I was like, okay, what took you so long? Because he has this ability to just be able to read things and find the solution and and also praying to God, and I've seen him pray to God for a solution. He's asked and and it God says whatever you ask in his name, he gives it to you. And that was amazing. For me, that was truly amazing, and I love when he helps people. It just makes me happy. He's helped me.

Norma Bart-Williams: 23:33
And what I wanted to say also, too, is like we have this term in case management advocacy. You've heard of, you've heard it. You have to be an advocate for yourself because God is advocating for you, so he wants you to join in that application. Make sure, if you're going to go through your doctor, make sure they hear you, because your life is on the line. You are here for a purpose and God wants you here for a purpose. As long as you can, until he takes you home. Yeah, you let nothing else take you home other than God. Yeah, advocate, never stop questioning.

Norma Bart-Williams: 24:10
Why normal? I don't want to be normal. I remember the last time I went in for my exam and I told the gentleman I don't. He kept saying oh, you're normal, you know. I said I don't want to be normal. And Sam gave me a list of tests and I said can you do these? And he just looked at him and said would you get these? I said can you do these? He said, okay, I'm gonna do them. And he did them. Don't stop. I told him I don't want to be normal, I want to know what's going on. So you have to advocate. So it pleases me. He's given me strength to do that. You know, when I go visit my regular doctor, I go for checkups. You know. Just, you have, you have the assurance, use it.

Norma Bart-Williams: 24:48
Yeah, that's what it's there for, and then you know, then you can take the other side. You want to go natural way. I look for him. He tells me okay, you do this, you do that, and it's great it's wonderful, yeah and I like it when he helps people and he has a. He God has given him a gift and it's there to be used yeah, absolutely yeah.

Trisha Walker: 25:07
Yeah, that's so good. Yeah, I mean getting back to just our spirit health, our body health, our soul health. I mean I'm actually just thinking about like even another personal example from from my life is I mean we believe in supernatural healing. God can heal people. I mean I've we've seen people heal people, just like this. I've seen a shoulder. I pray for someone's shoulder and their shoulder got instantly healed right.

Trisha Walker: 25:29
But it doesn't always happen that way and I had a situation where I've herniated my back multiple times. The first time, you know, I went to the church we were at in Atlanta and I went up to the front to get prayer. I heard a crack. I walked out of there pain-free. I got instantly healed and then Chiropractic could see on the X-rays where I had a hairline fracture that had healed.

Trisha Walker: 25:50
And then a few years later, I re herniated my back and was praying about it and the Lord started talking to me about certain things and I'm like, okay, and, and I was pushing myself, I was pushing my body very hard. We were actually living in Nigeria at the time and you know I was we I was leading an inter healing ministry and I was helping another non-profit run these massive, you know, conferences and I was just pushing myself and pushing myself and he says you need to take care of your body, you need to take care of your body. But I wasn't listening. I wasn't listening. I mean I was getting. I was getting filled, you know, spiritually I was getting filled, you know, renewing my mind, in the word. I was doing these things from my soul, but I was neglecting my body. And so we moved back to the States. I ended up getting surgery and and then I'm like, okay, I'm good, so I'm back on. You know, I'm back on the treadmill, back working hard again, right, and then we moved to California.

Trisha Walker: 26:47
Within a month I re herniated my back and the Lord's like I told you you needed to carry your body. And I just remember that process, like okay, god, I don't want surgery again and I need you to lead me, like what do you want me to do? And I Just remember how debilitating it felt, like just trying to go to the grocery store, like I can't cook for my family, I can't lift up a gallon of milk because if I do, I'm like about to drop it because I'm in so much pain. Right, and Felt feeling like a failure as a wife, like affects your intimacy, affects everything, right, and the Lord started showing me areas like I needed to focus on inflammation, I needed to get my inflammation down.

Trisha Walker: 27:25
And he just started showing me step by step of things to do and I would say, you know, strengthen my core. I started going to the gym and I started doing classes. I started doing TRX classes that actually helped strengthen my core and I say, within six months, no pain whatsoever, completely pain-free. I mean it's, but it's only, it's only by the Lord, right.

Sam Bart-Williams: 27:47
Absolutely. I Usually err on the side of doing all the physical things. I remember, even recently we're playing racket, pickle ball and and normal gut injured and I, you know, I did all the physical. I gave all the things I helped her get rid of by the way, you can get rid of scar tissue, by the way, anywhere in the body. So I helped her get rid of scar tissue and all of that. But she's still in pain and I said, lord, what? Why? Why is she feeling better? He said well, when are you gonna pray for her? I thought, oh, okay. So I prayed for her and she was healed instantly. I said, okay, you can always try to.

Sam Bart-Williams: 28:19
Usually you err on one side or the other and the Lord's like no, you need to ask me for everything. It doesn't. You know when it's physical and when it's spiritual. Whichever way I want to do, it is the way I want to do it. I said, okay, so that's what I'll do.

Sam Bart-Williams: 28:30
And you know, just even speaking back to what Norm was saying about advocacy, you want to be your own advocate. A lot of times I feel like the patient advocate. It's like I'm advocating for you. So, whatever the deck, this is what I would ask him Like, this is what I would ask him about and say and you need to advocate for his help. But I feel like I advocate for for people, because I know what it's like to be in pain, to suffer Needlessly, where you've been told things that aren't true. They aren't the truth and they aren't true and and there's, there's a, there's a solution for it. So I think that was a big thing that Norma said that I, you know, I just wanted to bring up that advocacy part, that you need somebody advocating for you and you need to advocate for yourself. Yeah, and you need to know that things there there are is a realm Out there of solutions that most people aren't aware of.

Sam Bart-Williams: 29:20
You know, when I started doing this, like maybe close to, I would say, maybe 28, 30, close 30 years ago, I was like the health nut. People like who, what are you talking about? Are you crazy? Because there was no, there was no, no name for what I was doing. Lord, I'm showing me these things piece by piece. He started showing me Okay, you need to understand the root cause. I said, okay, you need to.

Sam Bart-Williams: 29:43
At the time I didn't know how to really read labs, so at the time he'd show me how you could take an intersection of symptoms to find out what was going on like. And then, yeah, just basically all these things. And then I, that's when I started learning about testing later, later on, and even the way you look at the test makes a difference because, like normal was saying, sometimes you go to the doctor and you say, well, you're normal, you're within the reference range, right, and that reference range is a wide reference. Why it's wide? It just says, well, 90, 98 percent of the population is within this, so with it, so you're normal, she within that.

Sam Bart-Williams: 30:17
Normal does not mean optimal, it doesn't mean you're thriving and it doesn't mean you're not suffering. So so I look at those labs and looking at a much narrow range, the optimal range, and if you're outside that optimal range, that's when you need to consider that there can be problems, nutritional insufficiencies and other problems going on. So so, yeah, so that's kind of like how things got established. On the next episode of seeds for your marriage.

Sam Bart-Williams: 30:44
I learned to receive the love of God. And receiving his love completely changed who I was, and now I had the capacity to love her the way he was loving me.

Trisha Walker: 30:58
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Thomas Walker: 31:18
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