Deeper Connection & Communication Challenge™

Get Your Relationship Questions Check In

These five days of videos & activations are designed to deepen intimacy and improve communication in marriage. Are you and your partner feeling like you are in a rut, or are you looking for something to spark new conversations, excitement and creativity in your relationship? If so, then this is for you.

In 2020, Trisha & Thomas Walker held an online 5 Day Challenge, called the Deeper Connection & Communication Challenge™ for couples to do together. They wanted to provide communication in marriage exercises that brings connection and healing to people’s relationships. When creating this, they used their 10+ years of experience in coaching relationships, teaching effective communication & relationship skills, and ministering prayer counseling that brings wholeness to each individual and the family.

These resources are now available to you to focus on fostering greater understanding, vulnerability, conflict resolution, and vision alignment in your relationship. Each day includes activations that give you exercises to do together and relationship questions to ask your partner pertaining to each day’s topic. By investing just 5 days to reconnect and go deeper, you can experience more openness, empathy and commitment in your relationship.

Day 1

Goals & Declarations
Trisha & Thomas Walker

Day 2

Connect through FUN
Guest Speakers: Corey & Sarah Craciunescu

Day 3

Guest Speakers: Doug & Felicia Murrell

Day 4

More FUN
Trisha & Thomas Walker

Day 5

Guest Speakers: Scott & Jenni Means
Teaching couples proven strategies to connect deeply and achieve God's design for an amazing marriage is what we do!
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