Finding God after Fourth Marriage

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Seeds for Your Marriage podcast. Join us as we embark on a heartfelt journey with Joel and Alex Silver, a couple whose love story is woven with faith, perseverance, and a deep trust in God's timing. Prepare to be captivated by their candid insights and powerful testimonies that will encourage and uplift your own marriage.
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Joel and Alex Silver are a dynamic couple whose lives have been profoundly impacted by their faith and their commitment to each other. With a blended family and a shared passion for ministry, they have navigated the challenges of marriage with grace, resilience, and an unwavering trust in God's plan. Their journey is a testament to the transformative power of love, personal growth, and the importance of embracing each other's strengths while acknowledging areas for growth. 
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They also share their incredible journey of finding love, faith, and God's timing in their marriage. They offer insights into trust, personal growth, appreciating strengths, and the challenges of a blended family. The Silvers also recount their ministry travels, highlighting God's provision, the power of testimonies, and the significance of forgiveness and grace. Overall, their journey emphasizes intentionality, gratitude, and embracing the transformative power of love and faith.
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Trisha Walker: 0:00
On the next episode of Seeds for your Marriage.

Joel Silver: 0:05
After eight months of dating, we decided to move to Montana together, and after nine months of being in Montana, we were at each other's throats and I said to myself, I bet if I got her to church it would fix her. And I said do you want to go to church? And she said yes, to my surprise. And what happened was it fixed me and that was the start of our walk back to the Lord, which was just amazing.

Trisha Walker: 0:31
This is the Seeds for your Marriage podcast, where we interview married couples who have overcome difficulties in their marriage and share their testimony of how they did it. We want these tips and tools to inspire and help you thrive in your marriage.

Thomas Walker: 0:47
We are Trisha and Thomas Walker relationship coaches. We teach couples proven strategies to connect deeply and achieve God's design for an amazing marriage. Hello, hello and welcome to Seeds for your Marriage podcast. I'm Thomas.

Trisha Walker: 1:01
And I'm Trisha.

Thomas Walker: 1:02
And we are joined today by Joel and Alex Silver, who are founders of the Good Report. Coming to us live from Montana where it's snowing. Welcome, welcome.

Alex Silver: 1:15
Thank you. Thank you for having us. It is amazing to see you both. I know we chatted previously about we just haven't seen you in like almost a year and a half, so this is just quite a treat for us, thank you.

Joel Silver: 1:27
Yeah, it's good to see you.

Trisha Walker: 1:28
Yeah, well, we've been following you a little bit online on your YouTube channel and I know we've exchanged some texts, but we just welcome you to the show. We just want to get right into it because we just know you guys have such an incredible story. We're just excited to hear about it.

Thomas Walker: 1:42
So I'm already like we had the pre-show and I'm already getting tears from just the joy and the laughter that we've already shared. So I know that our viewers and our listeners are going to just be blessed by what you're going to bring. So let's get started. Joel and Alex five years of marriage. Let's rewind a little bit and, before you got married, let's talk about how did you meet and a little bit about like, where did this story begin?

Alex Silver: 2:09
So the story actually began before we met. I mean, I feel that on my heart, joel and I were unsaved before we met and we both had quite a colorful background lifestyle. We won't share that today, but Joel and I actually met at a pig roast in the summer. There was a venue that holds an annual pig roast and that's where we met. I actually had just come back from traveling and, interestingly enough, this is where I know God was in is. I was kind of pulled back. I was traveling around the country and I really got pulled back to our home state where we lived at the time and early, and I never come back from my trips early and that's really the whole reason I met Joel's because I came back early.

Joel Silver: 2:52
Well, truthfully, I saw her walking across the area and I said I have got to meet that. So then I went and I sat at the table she sat at and the chemistry just was just all kinds of there. You know, we just enjoyed each other's conversation. You know what I mean? Yeah, and then was I mean everybody else knew it.

Alex Silver: 3:15
I know everybody else knew it. We probably completely blew up that picnic table, but we just really had off the charts chemistry. And that just kind of kickstarted our connection. Yeah, I mean I pause because it took me five weeks to share my phone number with him, which lead into you know where we're going to go in our conversation today.

Joel Silver: 3:35
But so we met, we fell, you know fell for each other pretty deeply. We were not saved. We both had a lot of hurt, a lot of hurt on both of us.

Alex Silver: 3:45

Joel Silver: 3:46
And then, after eight months of dating, we decided to move to Montana together. And after nine months of being in Montana, we were at each other's throats and I said to myself, I bet if I got her to church it would fix her. And I said do you want to go to church? And she said yes, to my surprise. And what happened? Was it fixed me?

Thomas Walker: 4:10

Joel Silver: 4:11
And that's, that was the start of our walk back to the Lord, which was just amazing and it's just fast tracked us so much after everything that we went through individually. You know we met. How old were we? I was 42, you're 43.

Alex Silver: 4:28
No, I think you were 40 and I was 42, right, something like that.

Joel Silver: 4:33
So we were not young, but we were older, both mature, but not really mature.

Alex Silver: 4:41
in the Lord, by all means, yeah, I would say probably mature in terms of, like our, our personal lives of, you know, careers, you know kind of establishing ourselves as adults. You know, I just want to just add one comment. So when he had shared his thought bubble around, like if I could only get into church, and much to his surprise I said yes. Well, at the same time my thought bubble was, oh my gosh, he like needs this, because if anyone else, I mean, it truly was the Lord working on me, because if anyone else had asked me to set foot back in a church, I would have automatically just shut that down, not with like distaste, just because it wasn't what I would have ever thought I needed for myself.

Joel Silver: 5:28
So he's so merciful.

Thomas Walker: 5:31
So that's really good. So I'm just you know, Joel, I think in Alex Trish and I talk about that a lot, which is we sometimes want to point the finger at the other person and if they would just get their stuff together, everything would be fine. And the fact that you had the encounter, which is actually, if I just work on me and Alex, if I work on me, I'm just curious if you're able to just, on the fly, share some of that, because some people are, they're not believers and maybe wanting to be curious, make that transition, and so maybe just if you were to kind of define or describe Joel and Alex's relationship pre Christ and post Christ, and just a little bit about the before and after, and just if there's some areas that you could speak to.

Joel Silver: 6:24
I would say I'm gonna speak for myself. I was selfish and everything I wanted to do was to fulfill Joel's needs. And the change, the changes. Now we've become more selfless where we want to. We wanna minister, we wanna help people.

Alex Silver: 6:43
Well, just, I guess, highlight and illuminate God's goodness right, and there's so many different ways of doing that without kind of for lack of a better word presenting the Bible in front of them, like there's the fruit of the spirit that we can emulate in our lives, which out, without necessarily having to force feed, if you will, scripture to people, just your image right.

Joel Silver: 7:07
So we image Christ when we meet people right. That image where I used to be before we met. We both wanted to move to Montana for seven years before we met. Then we meet, we find out that both of each of us wanted to go to Montana, so then we came out here. I wanted to come out to Montana because I didn't like people anymore, I didn't like humans. And then I get saved and now I love humans and I want to be human. I mean a complete switch from being an angry person to having the glory of the Lord. You know what I mean Projecting that image of Christ on people. You know I'll meet people now and this is something that I have to work on, because sometimes when I go out in public I might be a little grumpy where that is not representing the image of Christ. So but even during those times, god will still use you.

Trisha Walker: 8:00
Yeah, can I give a?

Joel Silver: 8:02
quick testimony.

Trisha Walker: 8:03
Yeah, yeah.

Joel Silver: 8:04
This is what I just got from this blowout argument on the phone. I hang up, walk into Home Depot and I'm angry. This was a few years ago. I'm angry, I'm an angry man. I walk into Home Depot and I go through the garden section I'm gonna get some potting soil and this man there is working and I'm like hi, you know. And he just starts this conversation and next thing, you know, I'm like I don't want to minister right now. I'm angry. But God just started flowing through me In my unworthiness. God used me and that man got saved, you know. And when I wasn't ready to minister, god still used me. That image of Christ, the joy of the Lord came through me even when my vessel wasn't ready for that, you know.

Trisha Walker: 8:53
Yeah, so we have to protect the image of Christ. Yeah Well, Joel, and you talked about how this is actually your fourth marriage, but this is your first marriage where you're actually a believer.

Joel Silver: 9:03

Trisha Walker: 9:04
So can you? Maybe? That's really interesting. It's a really interesting testimony and I would just love to hear if you're willing to share just what difference you see in your relationship and your marriage now versus some of your other relationships in the past.

Joel Silver: 9:24
The biggest one is trust. I gave her so and it's a growth thing, right. So when we first got saved, it was less than a month later, or it was a month and a half later we got married, well. So we went to the Christmas program and we decided that we would go back to church, but then it was a few weeks before we actually got saved. And then we got married real fast, super fast, right. But then we I never trusted anybody before I was saved. I couldn't trust anybody, and that made me a controlling. I mean, you could say that you love somebody, but if you can't trust them, I mean it's not that committed when you only trust them as far as you see them.

Trisha Walker: 10:11
Yeah, it's like fear comes into play, because you want to control everything, because you're afraid about what's gonna happen if you don't control the situation or the person.

Joel Silver: 10:20
Yeah. So there was literally a moment when I was driving down the road after we were saved probably six months to nine months somewhere around there and I said, god, she's yours. If anything happens, she's yours. So when I gave her to God, I literally felt the weight come off of me and it wasn't that I didn't care, but I understood that no matter what happened to me, she's God's. No matter what happens, she's God's. You know, that was a breaking moment for me that relieved all that pressure of she's mine. I have to control, I have to protect. Who can protect her better than God? You know that was a place.

Thomas Walker: 11:03
I love that because it's also where you talk about trust, joel, and where we place our trust, and you placed it in him, and when we do that, there is that freedom and that weight that gets released from the burden that we try to carry on our own. I guess I'm curious. If so, god saved. I picked up a couple of before and afters. I'm just gonna quickly recap from selfish to selfless, anger to joy, hate, love, an image that may have reflected the world to an image where you're reflecting the father, and then there's a couple of inflection points that I'm seeing.

Thomas Walker: 11:44
You got saved and then you placed your trust in Alice's trust, or her care, into the father's hands, and that was a breaking moment for you. Yeah, for me Are there any other breaking or waking moments that you can think of that, wow, you faced a win, like as you came together and we're still kind of working through past where you hit another moment where it's like, wow, this is something that we got to overcome and you kind of have walked through it together. Which one we don't?

Joel Silver: 12:16
have a boring life.

Alex Silver: 12:19
No, so I don't want to say untraditional life, but I mean we. So we're probably typical American that we have, like you know, a blended family, right. So I inherited four beautiful stepchildren and there's a lot of history in that too, which makes it kind of unique. It's just not easy. It's not easy Like our growth. Joel and I both feel like the Lord has been fast tracking us. But that growth also comes with growing pains, right, and it's kind of easy to fall off your lips like, oh, you know, we're doing this now and we got it all figured out. Well, that still comes with active, intentional work to make it happen. You know, it's not like if the switch is flipped and you're like, okay, now I'm in this beautiful realm of serenity and it's just not. I mean, we have some days and they're still messy, right, and it's not that we don't love each other and it's not that we both have a common goal and we're working towards it, but sometimes it's just messy, so I don't like it.

Joel Silver: 13:30
Well, because if you're not under attack, you're not doing anything. It's just yeah, we're fighters, yeah, and we fight for kingdom and we get attacked for that.

Alex Silver: 13:40
That's true.

Joel Silver: 13:41
And that's okay.

Alex Silver: 13:42

Joel Silver: 13:42
It's okay. You know, when, like so here in in the valley, we're in the, actually the mountains, so we're like 1200 feet higher than Kalispell, which is the valley, and that valley gets socked in like what it looks like right out here. It gets socked in for months and but we're in the mountains, so we're 1200 feet higher, so we see blue sky, so above all that turmoil that's that socks in keeps the light out of the valley. Above it is blue sky. So there's, you know, when you're in the, when you're in the storm. So this is something I've that I came up with recently the calm after the storm. There's always calm after the storm. People talk about the calm before the storm. Well, when you're in the storm, the calm's coming. You just got to get through it, you know.

Thomas Walker: 14:31
and yeah, and let's talk. Let's stay right there for a second because I love that. And you know there's that confidence that you talk about to know that all things work together for good and you know we have a good God, we serve a good God and we have a good daddy and you know he always has good intentions for us and towards us when you're in those storms, is it? Obviously you have that confidence right that I know. I know that I know that it's going to work out and there will be joy on the other side, maybe even joy through it, right, if we can hold on to that and really believe that. But are there practical things that you do to make it through the storm?

Joel Silver: 15:17
I got to hit this. So when you're in the storm it's so easy to forget that. Praise you, jesus, hallelujah, thank you Lord. Right, but when you remember that man, the power that comes through that, the power that comes through that, when you can end the midst of it, praise God, man, wow, it's just. But you have to remember that You've got to remember to praise God in the storm. I can tell you stories about when God stopped the wind for us. Literally the wind stopped, ceased 30 mile an hour, winds done, praising God. You know what I mean. I mean. One time I thought I was getting COVID and I just said, god, I cannot deal with this right now, thank you Lord. And I just started praising him. Everybody but me got COVID, everybody, alex did.

Joel Silver: 16:16
But there's like 20 people. There was like 20 people in the group. Praise him in the storm. Praise him in the storm, put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

Alex Silver: 16:29
And it works.

Joel Silver: 16:30
I used to get anxiety, like when we first got saved. I still had anxiety, like really bad anxiety, and before we got saved I would have whiskey or vodka next to my bed. So in the middle of the night I could just grab that bottle because that anxiety would hit me so hard and I would just grab the bottle and start chugging it in the middle of the night. Then I get saved and I'm like I can't do this anymore. So I started going Jesus, yes, literally, literally A little bit louder than that usually.

Joel Silver: 17:00
Yeah, I calmed that down. But there's power in the name of Jesus. Literally, how do you go from being an anxious person that can't handle it, that needs medicine or alcohol, whatever it is, to not needing that anymore? There's power in the name of Jesus. When you declare the name of Jesus, you know what stops happening, those attacks. He doesn't want you crying out the name of Jesus, doesn't want it. He backs off. It works. It literally. It works.

Alex Silver: 17:30
Yeah, I would just augment that with that by saying this goes back to having a will, a free will, and a little technique that I've done is he's given us power to shift the atmosphere. And so if I feel like I'm having attitude comes towards me and my first MO, Alex's MO, is defensive mode. You going to back me in a corner? Oh, I'm going to pull out my boxing gloves and show you I am not going to be put in the corner. And so the lores really have had to work on me with that.

Alex Silver: 18:05
And even last week I was just I let something agitate me and I was driving away. I was by myself in the pickup truck and I just immediately put on worship music Because I was like God, I'm really having a hard time praising you right now, but I'm going to let the music set the atmosphere which it just. It made a shift for me. So instead of dwelling on me thinking I'm right in the injustice I was in, it's like it doesn't matter if there's an injustice, it doesn't matter if I'm right or I'm wrong, like let's just shift the atmosphere. But it's those little traits that seem kind of obvious, but they're subtle enough that you can gloss over them if you don't make intention towards them.

Joel Silver: 18:50
Intention, yeah, yeah, we've got to be intentional, yeah.

Trisha Walker: 18:53
That's really good. Yeah, I'm just thinking of that scripture. We come to his gates with Thanksgiving and then we enter his courts with praise. And how, when we make that a habit and that's our first thing is just praising him. No matter what, whether we're in a storm, whether we're not, whether we're in a valley, whether we're on a mountaintop, no matter what it is, if we praise him first, it shifts everything, and it just makes such a difference in just what comes afterwards. Right, yeah?

Joel Silver: 19:25
Yeah, yeah. From the brokenness, from the heart of brokenness, praise yeah.

Trisha Walker: 19:32
And Alex. I just was even. I know we got a chance to catch up just a little bit before this podcast, but you were just sharing your appreciation for Joel and I love reminding people, just asking that question what do you appreciate about your partner, what brought you together? What do you appreciate about them? And it just even that. Just reminding ourselves what we love about each other and what we appreciate and being able to verbalize that helps to lower the tension that can happen in any relationship. But I think it helps to that appreciation first helps to bring in the next things in the relationship, the next steps, if we can appreciate one another first.

Trisha Walker: 20:23
So, can you just share a little bit just what you were saying before, because I thought that was actually really powerful in what you were saying.

Alex Silver: 20:30
Yeah. So I mean, it's easy when you get kind of swept up in the regular routine of your schedule to not always be mindful about the things you appreciate about your partner or even to express that to them right, and it's almost like you get to a point where it's like it's going to be there. So I don't want to say take it for granted, but I don't do the best job of complimenting Joel, and I think it's because in my mind I'm like well, he already knows, so he doesn't need to hear it. And one of Joel's love languages is he does like to be told, which is not as strength of mine. Like people my colleagues in my past professional life can attest that I don't just freely give out compliments I feel like the standard is so high that it's hard for me to share that, so I struggle with that. But one of the things that I really admire about Joel and this is an area that is my weakness, so I rely heavily on him is that he is just so I would say.

Alex Silver: 21:37
In the natural I would be considered an introvert. He's an extrovert. But one of the things I really admire about Joel is he's so bold about his faith, Like he'll just walk up to anyone and start talking about God and doesn't it doesn't? There's no hesitation there and I love hearing these words. So that's kind of in the public view, right Is that? I get to observe that and witnessing that strengthens me internally and then you know. So that's kind of in the public realm.

Alex Silver: 22:09
Well, in the private realm, Joel is really good about carving out time to dive into the Bible, and we were. We were actually talking a little bit about this before going live with you is just, this is one of the things we're going to share later. But, like you got to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, you know you got to sew into your walk with Christ first. Other people aren't going to do it for you. You can watch sermons all you want, you can listen to praise, work, music all you want, but at the end of the day, God has given us the gift of the Bible, right, and that is our treasure chest to open and seek and acquire and digest and dwell on the treasures that he wants to reveal to us in that moment. You know, even though through marriage, Joel and I are one, we have different things. The Lord needs to work on us, so I just really admire that he has been faithful to his readings, that he has carved out time for it.

Alex Silver: 23:14
I like to hear his excitement when he gets new revelation. It's just a beautiful thing. I've watched him. I mean I've watched him grow over the past five years since we've been saved. But just like in the past year in particular, it's like it's almost like exploded and part of me is like I don't know how, like all this gets revealed to him. I mean, I'll read to you a text that he literally sent to me the other morning.

Alex Silver: 23:38
So we've been kind of in this weird cycle where we've been getting up or waking up between 330 and four, and so the other day he literally got up at that time to get and read into the Bible. But this is literally what. So he got up, started reading his Bible. He literally texted me, even though I'm the next room over at 518 am. He goes are you awake? I'm excited to read to you. So you know Joel has, whether it's intentional or not, he's been washing me with the word.

Alex Silver: 24:16
Now that's no excuse for me not to do my own private time in the Bible and the Lord, but it really has just helped, kind of like give me the boost I need. And really the unspoken, gentle reminder is like get in it, Do it. There's treasures in here for me too. It's not all for one person, it's we. If people knew, like, how average we are. Like you know, I sometimes will watch couples on TV and I'm like, oh, like they have it all figured out. They, you know, they're, walk with their Lord, so powerful we're just like the average Joe. God has treasures for each of us in here, Beautiful, beautiful treasures that he will never take away from us, that are in here for each of us.

Joel Silver: 25:01
So the same thing. When I see her talk about situations and then like scripture comes out of her mouth, I'm like it just warms her up. Watching her grow over the last five years it's just been so awesome to watch.

Alex Silver: 25:18
And I need a lot of growth. I mean I'll be the first to tell anyone like I need a lot of. I mean I can't do, probably we all do, we all do, oh my gosh Discover.

Alex Silver: 25:31
You know character of the Lord, the more I'm like oh, I'm so unworthy, like oh, messed up so much in my past. But he doesn't call us to dwell on what's in the rearview mirror. You know, it's important to acknowledge it, ask for repentance, but it's more important to move on. It's more important to move forward Because he has a beautiful walk ahead of us that he has yet to unveil to us. We are eager, we always kind of want to know what's what's in that unknown space ahead of time. He doesn't necessarily reveal that to us ahead of time, so that's an area that we need to grow in, to just rest in that unknown space. Rest, but that's really good.

Thomas Walker: 26:14
I really love what, everything you're saying. I'm I can't get out of my head the visual of putting on your oxygen mask.

Joel Silver: 26:23

Thomas Walker: 26:24
I think that there's something powerful Like I love that. So thank you for that. I'm going to own that now. Yeah, I use that. Oh, that's Joe's. Thanks, joe, I appreciate that. I will quote you as the originator of the author the first time I use it, but after that it's mine. But I love that because to me it's about what you're breathing in to your spirit and to your soul. And when we put on the oxygen mask of the kingdom, that's intended, that God made for us, like I think, like breathing in the Holy Spirit, like there is a because the transformation has to come from within. So I get that picture of hey, connect yourself to the kingdom.

Thomas Walker: 27:11
Yeah that God's word Come in and just permeate your being and let it cleanse you, let it transform you, let it renew you. Yeah and be intentional about that. Like you, you use the word intentionality a lot.

Alex Silver: 27:26
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, and I just want to dovetail that with creation right started with the breath.

Thomas Walker: 27:34
So okay, this podcast is getting deep now. Oh my gosh like, wow, let me deepen it for you.

Joel Silver: 27:43
Okay, so Jesus is a word, right? Jesus is the word. Yeah one day I was reading the scripture and I'm looking at it and then, like Jesus is the word, and that moment I realized that as I'm reading the word, he's looking back at me, literally the word. Every time you read the word, just realize he's looking right back at you. It's like you're putting your face in a mirror. Christ on this, right there he's looking at me as I'm studying him.

Thomas Walker: 28:21
Yeah, yeah, that's good.

Trisha Walker: 28:22
That's so good. Yeah, I just remember, when we we started dating, I was 16, you were 20.

Thomas Walker: 28:37
What's the statute? She was actually more mature than I was, so yeah, but we did.

Trisha Walker: 28:49
We got married when I was 19.

Thomas Walker: 28:51
I was 25.

Trisha Walker: 28:52
Yeah, and your dad was a pastor and your dad used to tell us because we were, oh man, we were messed up, but we were, you know, early believers and he used to tell us about Drinking from the milk, like when you, when you start out as a Christian, you're like drinking babies milk.

Trisha Walker: 29:10
And you can only, you know, take a little bit, and then you grow and then you can consume more and then you eventually move to meat and you can start, you know, chewing on some meat. So that's kind of how I'm just seeing this picture you guys are talking about. You know your story and Just where you are at over these last five years and where you're at now, and I just see this transformation from like milk to you know, soft food to me too. I mean all of that and it's just fun to, it's fun to hear and it's fun to watch.

Thomas Walker: 29:40
Yeah, and Alex, the other thing I really love about what you've shared which I think I just want to extract this for the listeners is you know, you're, you're self-aware and You're like, hey, you know what this is, I'm struggling here and you know, I know I need to affirm Joel more. I know that I know him, I know what he, what moves him, his love language, and you know, hey, I know I need to work on my Personal time with the Lord and I just want to encourage the viewers to just be honest and be real with, with where you're at and it's okay, because we're on a journey of life and To be aware of areas that we want to grow or areas that we need to overcome. I think is important, not only individually, but to reveal that to our partner, because we are here to be help mates to one another.

Thomas Walker: 30:32
Yeah, and if I know that Trisha's looking to grow and lean in in a certain area, especially if an area that has created conflict for us. It's helpful because I know we're working through it and we're walking through it together and I'm just like, okay, trisha's aware she's working on it. I know God's got her. So I know God's got that.

Alex Silver: 30:50
Yeah, yeah.

Trisha Walker: 30:52
Yeah, and Alex, I just also love like, as I'm hearing, just your appreciation for Joel and you said you know when he is excited to share the word with me, it does something for me and you know, one of the things that I feel like is really powerful, that I'm extracting, is just like when it says, like the man is the head of the household and so many, a lot of women Want to be able to see their husbands lead their family, lead their marriage in the Lord, not that they're just giving the responsibility totally to them, but they don't want to feel like they're caring their family, you know, for Christ, right, they want to have a helpmate.

Trisha Walker: 31:31
They want to see their, their spouse, their husband, like be strong in the Lord as well and make you know that headway so I'm hearing that I'm also in which provides safety, like I think for a woman, it really they feel safe when their husband, you know is has a strong faith and leads the family well um and with vulnerability right and and an openness to Share that, that leadership Um yeah because it is a shared.

Thomas Walker: 32:02
It's a, it's a, it's a shared thing. It's a we, it's an us, and you know we talk about that a lot. You're both powerful people. God didn't create like powerless people. He created powerful people and part of marriage is you have like two planets or two power sources that are coming together and that thing can either combust or you can figure out how to like merge and and bring it together to create something even more powerful.

Trisha Walker: 32:33
Yeah Well.

Thomas Walker: 32:35
I mean honestly it is. It's two worlds colliding. It is, to you know, two backgrounds, two histories, two ways of life, two, two independent people that God has formed that are probably trying to figure that out, right or not, depending on where they're at in their Faith, walk and it's all coming together. Two ways of communicating, two sets of goals, two sets of ones and beauty, when they all align up. And we want the same things, but we don't always, and we have to figure that out. So I'm going to go right to one example, maybe that that might extract some things with with you all is.

Thomas Walker: 33:09
You traveled across the country capturing God's goodness, from city to city, and you know, for I don't know how long it was. You're going to tell us about that in a second. How did that? How did it start right? Where did the idea generate? Where you equally yoked in that? Yep, this is what we're going to do, or one person got the vision first and just tell us about that journey and and even take us on the journey with you and what it was like.

Joel Silver: 33:33
All right. So from the very beginning we get saved. And on fire, I mean couldn't walk out of the house without a jesus god loves you something and free prayer. I mean some kind of a shirt on, because we were going to go to the grocery store and we were going to go, minister, no matter where it was, we were on fire. You know, the initial fire still got it. Ain't lost it, yeah, so so.

Joel Silver: 34:03
So, we're building a house to sell it. As soon as this house sells, we are going to buy a camper and we're going to go travel All the cities in the states and we're going to minister to the poor. We're going to heal the brokenhearted. We're going to you know we're going and Alex was like she's there, but I'm like this Bull leading the charge. You know what I mean. Yeah, and you know what god did is he means b?

Alex Silver: 34:35
u l l Bull.

Joel Silver: 34:37
Yeah yeah, so you know what god does you know what god does puts the brakes on that house, did not sell. We finished the house and it was like another six or eight months before it's old.

Alex Silver: 34:51

Joel Silver: 34:51
I mean highly unusual, but two weeks before the house sells. I hear this sermon in the middle of the night. I wake up at 2 30 in the morning and I put on a cardin carder conlon sermon at two in the morning and he gives a testimony about how he was sick and he could barely breathe and he couldn't run anymore. He ran every single day and he could barely walk and he was a mess and he raised his hands up to god and he's like why are you doing this to me? I'm, I've done this. I've preached revivals all over the place. I've won all these souls to cry to you.

Joel Silver: 35:29
Why have you done this to me? And all he heard back from god was I love you. When he heard that, it crumbled him to his knees and he said if you love me, why are you doing this to me? I've done all these things. And god replied back to him I didn't ask you to do those things. I asked you to. I got 30 member church. I asked you to bury the dead, bless the new children and marry them. That's what I asked you to do.

Trisha Walker: 36:00
Thank you for listening to seeds for your marriage with hosts trisha and thomas walker. We pray this episode has given you tips and tools on how to thrive in your marriage. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and follow us on facebook and instagram at trisha and thomas.

Thomas Walker: 36:18
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