Want to know how to be intentional & strengthen your marital connection, and how to rekindle sex in marriage?

Check it out… Trisha & Thomas Walker interviewed Pastors Clint & Jennifer Adams on their podcast, Seeds For Your Marriage where they talk about this very topic.
Clip from our podcast interview with Pastor Clint and Jennifer Adams from Revive Church in San Francisco
What happens when friendship forms the root of marriage? Today, we pull back the curtain on a discussion we had with Clint and Jennifer Adams, pastors of Revive Church in San Francisco. Having cultivated a strong connection in their marriage spanning over three decades, they share their wealth of wisdom on keeping the spark alive. From maintaining a steadfast intention for a thriving family and marriage to aligning on shared interests, they leave no stone unturned as they delve into the heart of marital intimacy. They especially emphasize the importance of open communication for relationships and asking thoughtful marriage questions as the bedrock for continually building understanding and satisfaction.
Hold on to your hats as they reveal their unique 777 plan, a rhythm that keeps their connection alive. Picture this: a date every seven days, a weekend getaway every seven weeks, and a vacation every seven months. Can you feel the romance blossoming? But there's more to it than just frequent quality time.The power of positive speech, rekindling activities from the 'falling-in-love' phase, and making intentional choices to stay connected form the crux of their advice for better communication skills for couples. Embrace the journey as they encourage couples to seek divine intervention in reigniting their love for each other.
But the real magic happens when you're intentional about improving communication in your relationship. We examine how being present and future-minded plays a critical role in rekindling love and overcoming communication issues in marriage. We challenge you to work on yourself, learn from Clint and Jennifer's insight on how good intimacy is a natural by-product of a strong relationship and how leading a life of obedience can strengthen your marriage. We round it up with effective communication tips for couples, creating a culture of celebration, and investing in your relationship. Ready to find out how you can make your marriage the best it can be? Let's embark on this journey of better communication skills for couples, shall we?
Teaching couples proven strategies to connect deeply and achieve God's design for an amazing marriage is what we do!
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