Does Sharing Your Individual Failures Lead To Marital Success?

January 24, 2023

I can’t let my partner know my past, my deepest thoughts & emotions because he may reject me. Ever had these thoughts when considering being vulnerable with your partner? I have…

When building relationships, I tend to only share jokes, facts about me, my opinions on the world, or situations… But, how often do I share my previous failures? Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No man is defeated without until he has first been defeated within.”

I Have Found That Failure Can Either Define You To Complacency Or It Can Push You To Greatness.

Allowing myself to learn from my failures, I can grow in the process, learn what to do differently next time. When viewing our successes and failures with the proper lens, allows us to be vulnerable enough with someone for them to see us through full transparency. This will build a strong relationship.

How would you define your identity? Is it defined by your failures or successes? I challenge you to learn from your failures and inspire others in your successes, but not be defined by them. Only our Heavenly Father defines who you are. You are chosen, you are loved, you are His precious child.

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