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" Trisha is such a professional when listening and dealing with personal issues. In our Sozo, I felt comfortable, I felt heard, and I felt safe. She took me step by step into each situation and helped me gain the freedom that I needed. I am so grateful for that Sozo. "

Jamie G.

" Trish and Thomas are amazing people doing God’s work in an amazing way. I had no idea what to expect in my freedom session. I went in nervous, guilt stricken, sad, grieving, and full of regret for things in life. After the session I felt lighter, loved, refreshed, and most importantly connected to God. I will always be grateful for my new path and their guidance. "

Weston Larsen

" I had just come out from a rough season that was affecting the way I connected with my husband when I reached out to Trisha and God used her so much to help me deal with myself. "

Karel Johns

Gain a new found sense of purpose and clarity in your life.

This prayer ministry (also called Sozo sessions) will guide you on a journey towards wholeness and fulfillment.

"For the first 12 years of my marriage, my husband and I were in toxic cycles of fights, addictions, and lots of miscommunication. Part of it stemmed from learned behaviors from childhood that I brought into my marriage and not having the tools for healthy relationships. The other part was from deep roots of trauma, shame, fear, anger; and a complete lack of understanding of how God created me to be, how much He loved me, and the identity He speaks over me. This left us both feeling lonely, misunderstood and hopeless that things would ever get any better. After having my first Sozo session, I felt breakthrough in a way that I had never experienced before. My encounter with Jesus broke off my shackles. I was able to be radically loved by Him, fully seen, completely known, and 100% accepted. The renewal in me set my marriage and other close relationships on a path of total transformation and redemption. I want others to experience that same love and breakthrough."

-Trisha Walker

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About Trisha

Her vision is to see healed and whole families that impact their communities with the love of God to bring restoration, unity, and transformation.

Trisha Walker is founding Director & President of LGLP Ministries, Inc. (Love God Love People), a 501c3 organization since 2014. She is a Certified Couple Communication™ Instructor, Certified Life Coach with Real Change Global, Certified ThriveSphere™ Relationship Map Facilitator, and is being licensed as a minister by Global Awakening in April 2024. She was trained in 2011 at Bethel Atlanta to serve as an inner-healing (Sozo) prayer counselor and served their transformation team for several years. She, her husband and three children were called to Nigeria from 2014-2016 while she helped Lapis Lazuli Ministries start their inner-healing ministry and train their team. Most recently, she served on the board for Infusion School of Supernatural Ministry from 2022-2023. In addition, she founded Freedom Center International (an inner healing ministry for the Bay Area) and served as their Director from 2021-2023. She has a passion for seeing people experience the love of God, have an encounter with Him, and get breakthroughs in their lives that bring restoration to their families. She values diverse cultures and believes we learn a lot about ourselves and the love of God by learning to listen to those who are different from us and honoring the uniqueness in each person.

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Transform your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs.

Teaching couples proven strategies to connect deeply and achieve God's design for an amazing marriage is what we do!
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