Key Ingredients for an Intimate Relationship

The Couples Devotional

This 21-day devotional is designed to help couples establish a daily habit of being intentional with each other to connect, read the Word, and develop intimacy with God and with each other. Each day should take approximately 15 minutes and includes different topics that are foundational in building a healthy marriage.  Each topic you will find:  

  • A Scripture
  • Relationship Keys
  • Reflection Questions
  • Communion
  • Activation

The Relationship Keys presented each day are based on the Scripture.  These come from Trisha & Thomas’ 27+ years of marriage (the good, the bad, and the ugly).  The Reflection Questions are often relationship questions that you can ask each other to learn more about each other and to grow in the Lord.  The Communion brings commitment, vulnerability, unity and healing. The day’s Activation will solidify what you’ve learned by doing.   

How This Will Benefit Your Relationship:

  • Learn to build a marriage anchored in Jesus.
  • Grow in your faith and relationship with Jesus.
  • Establish healthy habits in your marriage.
  • Learn to communicate with one another in a deeper way.
  • Receive a deeper understanding of your partner & your commitment to one another.
  • Establish more vulnerability and unity in your relationship.
  • Create greater levels of authenticity, vulnerability, and intimacy in your relationship with each other and the Lord.
  • Receive healing in your relationship and in your soul.

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How This Book Was Birthed:

“The Couples Devotional” Key Ingredients for an Intimate Relationship was written by Trisha & Thomas Walker, married for 27+ years. The Lord gave them the desire to write this devotional during the pandemic. They wanted to take the healing they have received in their personal lives and in their marriage, and use it to encourage others while bringing couples closer together and with the Lord.

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Trisha & Thomas Walker have developed a powerful tool that enables couples to engage in increased intimacy. This book has tremendously helped my wife and I establish a daily scheduled time in which we intentionally focus on connecting with God together as a couple. It has led to us praying in unity more often for our needs as a family and for our ministry. This amazing book has also enabled us to connect more deeply emotionally- making sure that we listen to each other's needs. I recommend this incredible book to anyone who is seriously committed to improving their marriage.

Pastor Jeff Friedman

April 3, 2023
The Walkers have created a wonderful tool to kick start spiritual discipline and connection in your marriage. Beyond that this tool is a catalyst to activate vulnerability, intimacy & healing in your marriage. My wife and I are eternally grateful for the ministry of the Walker's and especially for providing this helpful and healing resource.


May 2, 2023
Nothing but Gratitude!

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Teaching couples proven strategies to connect deeply and achieve God's design for an amazing marriage is what we do!
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