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Achieve God's Design for an Amazing Marriage

Marriage Can Be Hard
but It Doesn't Have to Be

There is Hope
for Every Marriage
We take the mystery out of having an amazing marriage! God brought you together and we have the tools to keep it that way! (even if it has been hard from the start)
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Key Ingredients for
an Intimate Relationship

The Couples Devotional
This 21-day devotional is designed to help couples establish a daily habit of being intentional with each other to connect, read the Word, and develop intimacy with God and with each other.
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Seeds for Your Marriage

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This is the Seeds For Your Marriage podcast where we share biblical wisdom and practical advice on building a strong, healthy, and fulfilling marriage rooted in faith. These marriage stories are to inspire you and give you a deeper understanding of God's design for marriage and steps to having a Christ-centered and thriving family.
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Get Relationship Advice and Coaching From Trisha & Thomas, Seasoned Relationship Coaches

Marriage is tough, and relationships require work; this is an irrefutable truth that far too many people are unprepared for. Marriage and relationships test your patience, loyalty, commitment, and emotional growth, and if you're not willing to put in the work, you won't get the fulfillment and companionship you're seeking.

Through Trisha and Thomas’s marriage advice and insights, you can learn how to build a long-lasting relationship centered on love and mutual respect. Join them as they navigate the ups and downs of marriage and share advice to help couples strengthen their bond.

Not only are they sharing extensive videos and input through their website, but Trisha and Thomas also offer relationship coaching and advice centered around God's design and help couples find their bearings. You'll find valuable resources in the form of blogs, videos, and podcasts, and you can also reach out to them for individual counseling, coaching, and advice to help you work through communication issues and gaps within your marriage.

Subscribe to their blog and channel to find all kinds of relationship and marriage advice from Trisha & Thomas, two seasoned relationship coaches who have been married for over 27 years. Their non-profit, LGLP Ministries, Inc., is here to share insight and advice for couples looking to strengthen their love and marriages.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about their work and explore a wide range of subjects, from finances to intimacy—we’re here to help you and your spouse.
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Trisha and Thomas have worked with a multitude of couples. See what some of them have to say!
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Dan & Sue

San Ramon, CA
“We both feel SO comfortable with you! You’re 'real' and open, and vulnerable, and I think you can help us in so many ways... You both helped us more in 2 hours than multiple counselors have helped us in years!!!!!”

Derek & Cynthia Mitchell

Dublin, CA
“Thomas and Trisha helped my husband and me work through an issue that we felt like was just going in a never-ending circle. The skills we learned helped us connect and understand each other to effectively move forward and come to a collaborative agreement.”

Mattieu & Wendy

Lawrenceville, GA
“The couples communication was a powerful tool to help us understand how to deescalate a situation by seeking to understand the other person. We learned how to communicate in a more healthy manner and not be afraid to express what our thoughts are.”

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Teaching couples proven strategies to connect deeply and achieve God's design for an amazing marriage is what we do!
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